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Automatische Hardcover-Buch-Bindemaschine


Modell: DS-50F


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Automatic Wireless Glue Binding Machine / Book Binding Machine
Binding length
Binding thickness
Binding speed
Binding form
Direct line
Melting glue time
About 25 minutes
220V, 50Hz / 110V, 60 Hz
Gloss weight
Packing size
1.New style heavy machine with substantial frame.
2.Electric circuit controlled by the photo electricity.
3.Precise glue binding keeps the spine of the book smooth and flat.
4.Touch the key then you can finish all the flow, very convenient and quick.
5.Double glue wheels make sure the paper won’t take off.
6.High speed alloy milling cutter fully keeps coat paper. It can be adjusted according to different operating speed.
7.Digital display screen, independent key-press function and self-checking function.



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Automatic hardcover book binding machine



Automatic hardcover book binding machine







Customer First Service First       


Automatic hardcover book binding machine
Book binding machine is developed newly by the company. Adsorbing various advantages of the company's previous binders, such as taking and placing with full-opening type cover, fully automatic operation, liquid crystal display with intelligence, as well as intelligence, ripening, stability and convenience, it is suitable for the use in many picture and script processing centers, printing agencies, photo studios, offices, design institutions etc. Enterprises.

Automatic hardcover book binding machine,Main performance:

1. made of better structural section, the binder is solid, steady, durable, and pleasing to the eye.

2. being controlled wholly by industrial grade chip with liquid crystal display, having human feeling style interface design with trouble prompt, the binder is simple and convenient for operaion, and easy to be learnt and grasped.

3. the binder's mechanism is set up with fully automatic device, being extremely convenient for sorting out book core, automatically clamping book, saving time and manpower.

4. sun cutter, grooving cutter etc. main components are made of imported materials to ensure the stability of milling back and grooving, and the effect of wrapping books.

5. backfeed in real time of circuit sine curve heating and glue trough made of all-aluminum ensure collosol to be uniform.

6. vertical clamping-surface mechanism makes binding book back to be straight, and edges and corners to be distinct, and the words on book back to be precise.

7. fully-opening surface-setting structure makes taking book on surface-setting to be extremely conveninent with great facility. 


Automatic hardcover book binding machine


1.New style heavy machine with substantial frame.

2.Electric circuit countrolled by the photo electricity.

3. Precise glue binding keeps the spine of book smath and flat.

4.Touch the key then you can finish all th flow,very convenient and quick

5.Double rollers make sure the paper won't take off

6.High Speed alloy milling cutter fully keep coat paper.It can be adjust according to different operating Speed.

7.Digital display screen,independent key-press function and self-checking function.


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