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Hochwertige kleine Papier Planschneider


Modell: DS011-450D+




1,cutting smooth and easy to adapt to any paper cutting.

2,Before, after security design, CE compliant, to make the operation safer.

3,Indicator line clear. 

High quality small paper guillotine cutter


Model 450D+
Max.cutting width 450mm
Max.cutting thickness 45mm
Precision ±0.5mm
Clamp paper manual
Push paper manual
safety protective cover
NW. 92kgs
GW. 110kgs
Packing size 850*720*620mm



Präzision-bearbeitete Teile Verarbeitung Technik dafür Maschine arbeiten Schwere Guss-Mechanismus, hochwertige kleine Papier Planschneider

Sicheren Schutz Design, A4 Papier Schneidemaschine

Herstellung gemäß CE standard garantieren Sicherheit mit Front & back-Kunststoffabdeckung schützende design

1, glatte und einfache Anpassung an jede Scherenschnitt schneiden.

2, vor, nach Sicherheit Design, CE-konform, um den Betrieb sicherer zu machen.

3, Indikatorlinie klar.

Geneigte Klinge patentierte Schneidtechnik

Jedes Papier lässt sich leicht mit geneigten Blade-Design schneiden

Patentierte Optik

Einfache, edle Metall-Technik und abnehmbare Design, auf Grafik Druckerei angewendet wird

Optische Schnittlinie

Infrarot-Laser Linie, hoher sichtbar anzeigt

NC Schaltung für den Druck

Schnittgröße kann nach Belieben und präzise eingestellt werden

1. automatische Infrarot-Licht auf dem neuesten Stand

(2) die schweren Rahmen-Design-Optimierung, präzise Verarbeitung, stabile Performance, langlebig;

3. hohe Präzision auf Papier Kontrolldesign Mechanismus und Kraft verbinden

4. selbstschließende Tastschalter, Hände Verriegelung Gerät, automatische Reset-Funktion,

absoluten Sicherheit zu gewährleisten;

5. hohe Effizienz und Sicherheit

6. machen Album PET, PVC-Album, Menü, Werbung.

Intelligenz: die Maschine wird von Computerprogramm mit intelligentem Design, Reset-Funktion, automatische Druckbogen und Back-up.

Hohe Präzision: Schwerlast-Struktur, automatische Anpassung für standard, die höchste Präzision ist 0,2 mm schneiden.

Haltbarkeit: nehmen Sie qualitativ hochwertige Teile, scharfe Klinge, intelligente Schlüssel, sicheres Gerät für Hände, Leitspindel angetrieben für das Blatt, stellige Anzeige für Schneiden Papiergröße ziehen.

Hochwertige kleine Papier Planschneider

Papierschneider Discription

1. optimierte Anweisung Design, präzise Verarbeitung, stabile Leistung und robust für den langen Einsatz

2. Adapt neue Hightech-integrieren Schaltung Digitalsteuerung, hohe effiziente Arbeiten garantieren

3. es gibt digital-Display zeigt die Größe vor dem Schneiden und nach dem Schneiden, und es gibt Infrarot-Licht zeigen die Schnittposition.

4. hohe Präzision auf Papier Kontrolldesign Mechanismus und Kraft verbinden






High quality small paper guillotine cutter,paper cutter is traditional product, is used to treat printing paper cutting demand later. From mechanical cutter development to tape controlled paper cutter, and the development of the computer control, color display, the image operation guide cutting system visualization and computer aided cutting external programming and editing and production data, the production preparation time is shorter, higher cutting precision, lower labor intensity, and safe operation.


paper cutter working principle
paper cutter's operation is relatively simple, the environmental requirements are not high. In general's office usually uses the power supply can be guaranteed to work. General paper cutter with automatic switching system, as long as the enemy of people lose paper cutter will automatically rotate the paper shredding. paper cutter and some will need to click the Start button, it will rotate the cutter can continue cutting. Shredding is completed, should be the next stop / reverse key, so paper cutter stops.
Are there paper clips, staples and other hard objects on the check should be preceded by shredding documents to be broken. If so, should be removed and then put into the mouth of paper, or it may damage the tool. When using the paper cutter, you should note that one should not too much paper Cypriots, especially the better quality paper, when used should pay particular attention to avoid skew time try not to put paper into the paper jams, compared to a narrower to try to put the paper feed slot center.
For earlier products, in the event of a paper jam when used, should backspace key or down key, so broken to continue to use. Most power paper cutter equipped with an overload protection device, when the motor overload heater will automatically shut down. At this point you should stop using 20 a 30min, the motor cooling. At the same time, should be used to reduce the number of re-consider the appropriate number of input paper. More advanced paper cutter will automatically stop once the overload, automatic withdrawal of paper, more convenient to use. When the paper cutter of the box is full, some machines will automatically sound to alert people to the timely removal of confetti.


paper cutter Category
Cutting machinery from the tissue paper cutter and industrial paper cutter composition, variety, degree of automation varies.
Life Purpose
There are toilet tissue paper cutter Cutter, paper cutter napkins, pumping paper cutter, box, paper cutter, paper plate cutter, paper cutter paper towels, facial tissue composed Cutter Cutting Machine . Depending on the paper, corresponding to the cutting machines are not the same.
More toilet paper paper cutter is the band, which is used to cut toilet paper roll band saw paper cutter. Band saw with automatic paper cutter knife, activity platen means, can be cut into desired lengths according to the required width of finished rolls.
Industrial uses
Industrial paper cutter paper cutter manual, electric cutter, CNC Cutter, mainly used for industrial cutting paper or other products. Tip: To find industrial paper cutter, to the extent possible to understand the product use, easy to find the corresponding equipment manufacturers.


paper cutter Development
High quality small paper guillotine cutter,paper cutter is a traditional product, is used to process the late printing paper cutting needs. Evolved from mechanical to tape paper cutter
Controlled paper cutter, and the development of the computer program control, color display, full image manipulation guided visualization and computer-aided cutting external programming and crop production data editing system that allows a shorter production lead time, higher precision cutting, lower labor intensity, and safer operation.


Small paper cutter
High quality small paper guillotine cutter,Small paper cutter paper cutter is divided into thick layers and small office paper cutter
Thick layer of machine
Thick Cutter, paper cutter was also called manually from the drive, called Desktop paper cutter from placement on and so forth. This paper cutter is mainly suitable for a small number of documents before stapling the paper cut neatly. This paper cutter is widely used in business or finance as well as studio and digital print shops, etc..
Thick paper cutter features:
1) cutting the large format generally about 430mm
2) compact, convenient to use not take up too much space
3) for cutting material cutting accuracy is not required
4) cheap and affordable.
Small office with a paper cutter, the paper cutter's structure is relatively complex, mainly by the host, table, platen agencies, institutions and pushing paper cutting mechanism. This paper cutter is mainly suitable for large numbers of files before stapling the paper cut neatly. This paper cutter is widely used in modern digital printing, high-grade office, library, national public institutions and small and medium sized printing.
Push the paper from the drive way institutions and even cutting mechanism is divided into manual paper cutter (pure mechanical structure), electric paper cutter.
From the drive way platen institutions are divided into mechanical and hydraulic press platen paper.
From the size of the display and mobile positioning pushing paper is divided into digital and programmable paper cutter paper cutter (paper cutter purely mechanical structure generally countertop embedded ruler of pushing paper cut control and digital display the same machine). Digital and Programmable Cutter paper cutter major differences in the organization of the paper pushing control, programmable paper cutter not only greatly improve the efficiency, but also effectively reduce the labor intensity of the operator.
High-end small office with a paper cutter is not only reflected in the steady cutting precision and performance in security are also multiple protection embodied in the hands of the differential protection and photoelectric protection, and so on.
Small office with a paper cutter features:
1) Cutting format is generally between 430mm-800mm
2) compact, convenient to use not take up too much space
3) a large number of crop material can be trimmed
4) high cutting precision of cutting objects
5) Prices range from a few thousand to more than ten million based on the size and condition of the crop format configuration.


paper cutter attention problems
In actual use,High quality small paper guillotine cutter, the cutting face of the paper cutter object is varied, with the exception of paper, cardboard, as well as leather, plastic, cork flooring and PS Edition. Since many types of materials to be cropped, so it should for different materials, correspondingly different platen pressure, cutting edge angle port should also be changed, in order to ensure high quality of crop products.
Edge angle
Choice of angle cutting knife edge, it is very important to cut part of the work. In other words, a good cutter, going with a good cutter blades and grinding processes. However, we found that during the service paper cutter, paper cutter many users often ignore this point as a result, often because the cutter blade sharpening way, way wrong angle, resulting in an increase in the impact of the crop , the insurance screw loose, and even rupture, ultimately resulting in mechanical damage.
Need to use the paper cutter cutting increasingly wide range of materials, such as aluminum foil hat labeled beer, carbonless paper, cardboard, magnetic, photographic film, etc. These materials will be encountered in the process of cutting various practical problems. Such as carbonless paper in the crop prone to creasing, and magnetic, photographic film in the crop appears unable fixed platen, resulting in cutting out waste and so on. These problems can adjust the platen pressure, improved cutting blade and drive train can be resolved smoothly. However, these aspects of technology, far as I know, there were only some of the paper cutter manufacturers can all be resolved.

Flat sheets paper cutter
Ping Zhang paper cutter is a mechanical cutting, use a wide range, can be used for paper, leather, plastic, cardboard and other materials cutting. paper cutter mainly by the host (also known as Dragon), table, pushing paper feed mechanism, platen mechanism, cutting mechanism and other components. Push the paper feed mechanism used to locate and push for the rules, then the platen body pressed a good bit of paper, ensure that the cutting process does not destroy the original positioning accuracy, the cutting mechanism to cut the paper side of the baffle for side of the block gauge, bench play a supportive role.
Printing, packaging, bookbinding and other production expected from the opening of the finished printing and binding of the crop needs hair paper cutter for cutting, so finishing the paper cutter is an important equipment. paper cutter is widely used in Flat sheets printing, bindery, packaging plants, paper products processing plants.
Flat sheets paper cutter cutting process
1) Cut the paper size is determined the exact location of pushing paper in accordance with
2) so that the paper has been the knock against the paper surface and push the front side of the baffle, carried paper positioning
3) Pressure drop pressed paper paper first, then cut the paper cutter and then fall
4) cutting is completed, return the cutter to leave the stack of paper, then the paper presser rise again reset.
Factors affecting the safe use of paper cutter
paper cutter's security problems is that many practitioners of digital printing is easy to overlook the problems that affect the safe use of paper cutter in the following areas:
1. Brakes. Many manufacturers in order to save money, using the brake circuit principle, namely through upper and lower level sensor motor-powered cutting knife the way the brakes, which means a sudden power failure, loose sockets, sensor failure, etc., may lead to "slip knife" etc. extremely dangerous situation. In order to prevent the occurrence of this aspect, it is necessary the use of the motor assembly with mechanical brakes, so no matter what circuit failure occurs, the motor is locking avoid accidents.
2. Double-button operation principle. This requires two buttons are pressed simultaneously, otherwise the cutter motor does not operate, which can guarantee the absolute safety of single-person operation.
3. In actual use, often with two operations, so that the situation becomes very dangerous, requiring pre-paper cutter configuration, the safety cover. When the safety cover is opened, the motor does not operate, to ensure safety.
4. These are factors that affect the safety of the process, the maintenance, replacement and maintenance of the blade should be noted when using tray holder, the blade edge is closed to ensure both the safety of the guarantor, and to ensure the blade is not damaged.
5. Also, remove the blade must not random aside, to avoid hurting people.




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